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Well, it seems like forever since I have posted. I’ve read all of Tracy’s posts and I’d just like to say ditto! I remember one day she copied and pasted my entire post about our Green River Lakes camping and it was fine by me. So I ought to just grab her Thanksgiving Thoughts and her Thankful Thursday and pretend it’s mine.

But seriously, folks . . . [no, not seriously, and no, not folks . . . .]

Life is plenty good! I’ve had a great week. We went to Mikelle’s on Tuesday night [Scott, Andie and I] and got there late. We stayed up and talked and played games and goofed around. We stayed until Sunday! Six days of family!!!! So dang fun!

We shopped, movied, ate, Rooked, joked, shopped more. We planned dinner and started cooking early on Thursday morning. Dinner was delish! The turkey turned out fantabulous. The gravy and stuffing could have used Mom’s touch. It was perfect at first but it sat for about four hours and wasn’t as yummy by the time dinner was eaten. [Yes,I kept it in the safe zone — temperature wise . .] The whole dinner spread was beautiful. Lots of colored table clothes, plates, cups. A mile and a half of food, I kid you not!]

I wish I had a picture of the potatoes. It was in a humongous bowl, much the same that Mother made eight loaves of bread in when were  growing up and the same bowl we often snatched to ride down the sledding hill. It was big enough to hold a large child! Anyway — FULL of potatoes. Yes, we had leftovers to feed a king’s army! [When I said 50 pounds was too much — no one believed me!]

(Your wish is my command…here are the potatoes…and everything else as well!)


Can I just say I rock at Rook!!! Tracy and I came back from near disaster and annihilation to winning by 100+ points in the last three games!!! Big WOO HOO here!

I do not rock at Spoons. Big bruise on my knee. A big bruise on my fingernail [go figure!] and one other broken nail. Andie limped away from the table and several people had black eyes. [The Hull Family is all blood and guts during Spoons!]

I ate fairly healthy and by fairly healthy I mean not so good, really. Oh what the heck!!! I’m up. 141! But still not that bad! Today I’m back to eating really dang healthy. So let’s just leave it at that.


And by whatever, I really mean whatever!

I’m just not going to let it get the best of me!

OK. OK. I’m just going to admit that I came home last night and ate a few things that I really shouldn’t have. [Dang, it’s like my conscience got the best of me!] I ate a bowl of steamed veggies, but that didn’t really satisfy me much, so I had a bowl of tomato basil chips with Ranch which made me want to eat something more — three chocolate covered cinna-buns [Dang that hubby!!!] and then five little snack-size Snicker bars from the top of the fridge.

There, are you finally happy?!?

I do not want to talk about it!

[I should have just copied and pasted Tracy’s posts!!!! Dang it!]

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