I’m feeling like a million bucks! Yup, all over the whole diarrhea thing. Back to my normal self. Back to taking care of me and feeding me right. Back to feeling positive and encouraged and all cozy with myself! The good thing is, I bounced back much better than I had hoped. Usually, I am all down and dark and gloomy for at least a week. Yah, I do beat myself up. We all do.

The thing is, I noticed Tracy beating herself up on her blog the other day. She was so down on herself about yelling. Hello! Yelling is a part of [my] life. Well. Maybe not for everyone. But, I thought, “Why beat yourself up over that?” And she wrote to me, “Quit beating yourself up over eating some junk once in a while!” She was nearly devastated with her circumstances and I was nearly devastated with mine, yet we could both see how silly the other one was being.

It gave me some perspective.

Mikelle beats herself up if her house isn’t perfectly spotless and in exact and immaculate order.

Oh, my. [Yelling and a messy house are both fine by me!]

I’m seeing the common thread. Do you! It’s obvious to me now. Control!


What are you trying to control that is actually controlling you?

Really kind of interesting, that little dynamic going on there!

One thought on “dynamic!

  1. tracy

    Way to go!

    Maybe we beat ourselves up for the things most important to us…no, that can’t be true either because I am sure Mikelle’s house isn’t the most important thing to her. Hmmmmm.

    Well, whatever it is, I am glad you were able to pull out of your funk!

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