It’s been a fabulous week. Work-wise it was long. 45 hours for my regular job, plus two hours of driving bus. I also scored middle school basketball on Tuesday night. Thursday evening we hosted IHC’s Annual Healthy Women Conference entitled, “Powerful You, Powerful  Me,” where about 150 local women who are centered on women’s health, personal strength, personal responsibility and accomplishment gathered. Mrs. Wyoming and Mrs. Wheelchair Wyoming were the keynote speakers. A lovely meal was catered. Eighteen students played soft guitar music in the background and I became inspired. To do better. To be truer to myself. To make more of a difference [to myself and family!] To still have dreams and goals. Oh, my goodness! Becky and I were working the event, but were able to eat and listen to the presentations. It was such an upbeat, wonderfully-feeling occasion. [But 57 hours is a lot for this old Grommer!]

I feel so good. So positive. So encouraged.

Weight-wise I’m feeling strong and committed. [Right now.]  No, stop. I’m not going to qualify that with a ‘right now.’ I take that back. I feel committed! There ya go! I am on day 20! I didn’t think I would ever make it. But, I did it. [one more day, actually . . .] And my clothes are feeling loose and more comfortable. I don’t feel like Monday morning I’m going to want to make a huge change and have a big bowl of Moose Tracks for breakfast. I feel like I want to continue eating like this. I’ve enjoyed the power protein shakes — all fruity and texture-y. I’ve enjoyed having all sorts of veggies. Usually when I ‘diet’ I eat more fruits than veggies and I’m sure that just serves to keep my blood sugar high. So, I am usually still craving and [basically] cheating on my diet. Especially late at night. But there is something about this powder and these super food supplements. They have dropped my cravings down to about 5, on a scale of 1-100. Sure, once in a blue moon I think about cheese or something crunchy. One day I did eat 1/4 cup of walnuts and that satisfied me. Instantly! I haven’t missed meats and I haven’t particularly missed dairy, although I think, now, I’ll add plain yogurt into the shakes to make them a little more creamy.

And this morning I’m 141.5.

Yay for me. Sure, I wanted to lose weight on this 21 day cleanse/purification. But, I wanted to actually CLEANSE! I wanted to actually PURIFY! I wanted all the junk out of me. I wanted to exorcise sugar and white junk and chemicals.

So, since I still have an entire canister of powder left, I’m going to keep going. I still have an unopened bottle of something — some kind of capsule. I don’t know if Mary gave me more than I needed or if I did it all wrong. Maybe I should save it for Richard, who insists he is going to take the plunge after the first of the year. But, I — for sure — don’t want to go back to snacking off the top of the fridge and all that mindless, endless, sneaking, stuffing.

Off to by some new garments that don’t fall off me! I deserve them!

3 thoughts on “fab!

  1. tracy

    Way to go!

    Read your program guide…you keep taking your next bottle of stuff for another three weeks. The next 21 days are a transition period where you add in a few things, but keep doing the same food plan.

  2. Tami

    Yay!! That’s terrific! Ok, I want to do it too. How come my parents are the suppliers of this, but I’ve only heard about it from you guys? WEIRD! I’m going to have to call and get some on the way here for me! I’m out of control crazy right now with eating. Gained back 10 of the 30 I lost. NOT the direction I want to go! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. weighingmatters Post author

    Tami, I feel amazing. I have no cravings whatsoever — a little scared that the first thing I eat that has sugar in it is going to set off a voracious appetite, so I know I have to be really careful and conscious about what I put in my mouth. But talk about easy and worth it!! Oh yah.

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