in love

I am in love. I mean really, really in love. With something. Not someone. Wait. I’m in love with me for buying something. Can you guess? No, of course you can’t because I have never even once mentioned it on here. So I’m just going to tell you. [Both my girls know I have been talking about it for over two years, so it’s really amazing that I haven’t mentioned it on here!]

I am the owner of a brand new comfort thingy. I really don’t have a clue what it’s called. But I am so dang comfortable with it.

OK. No more delaying. Because I really think you should go get one too. And, well, you just can’t unless I tell you what it is. Right? OK. It ‘s a little thing that goes over the seat belt where my neck is usually rubbed raw. When I drive. And you know I drive a ton! So I finally remembered to look for one when I was in WM this afternoon and I found one that matches my car. [Believe me I would have even bought it if it clashed like crazy!] And I drove home with it.

I’m in love!!!

[And I bought $135 of way healthy food!!!!!!!!!!!]

[See. I’m so dang committed!]

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