overcoming the common oreo

I have no clue how it’s gone from two and a half packages of Oreo cookies in a matter of days to no desire whatsoever for Oreos. How does that happen? I was trying to explain this whole process to Karen as I was visiting teaching her last night. Oh. Wait. My partner, Faith, didn’t show up with the lesson, so Karen and I were left to our own devices. [To be fair, Faith was stuck after hours at school working with a teacher with a ‘situation.’]

I explained what I had been eating for the past three and a half weeks. I told her I was sleeping well, had more energy, felt great physically, surprised myself by actually liking the smoothies that made up the bulk of my intake, and that I had lost 13 pounds. She was intrigued.

But, the whole Oreo thing is just a great big mystery.

Never, and I do mean never . . in my life have I ever been able to resist an Oreo, but today I think of them as just so-so. I can live without them. I have no cravings for them. Usually what would happen if I even thought of an Oreo is, my saliva would be squirting all over the place. I would be driven to find something — anything — to eat that would make me stop thinking about food. And then I would stuff myself and feel crappy and eat even more.

Ugly, vicious cycle!

But take that, ugly vicious cycle! Wham, kabam!!

139 this morning! Not that I really want to weight 139. I’m perfectly happy with 140.


4 thoughts on “overcoming the common oreo

  1. Sue

    I would love to weigh 140. I would love to live on awful smoothies to do it, but I have not overcome the “oreo” fettish. Of course, mine is exactly oreos. It is any junk food that I can cram into my mouth. And what is even better, I wait until about 8 pm at night to start and don’t stop until I go to bed. 12 steps here I come!!

    1. weighingmatters Post author

      I totally know what you’re talking about! Been there, ate that! When do you start facilitating? This will be so interesting — You’ll grown in all sorts of places!

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