problem solved!

I have a problem. “What’s that?” you say? Only one? Seriously? Yes I have a variety of problems but I’m only going to post about one single individual situation for today.

I’ve had to deal with this predicament for years. Years! But I’m here to brag tell you that I’ve finally conquered it. Big time. I am now an expert!

For years I have struggled with [fought with, really] knowing the proper way to utilize the common pull-out dispenser tissue seat cover found in many a public facility. Yes. I’ve been overwhelmed at the difficulty of keeping the slippery thing on the seat while I quickly turn around to assume the correct position. It always slides into the toilet bowl before I get situated! Always! I’ve tried to hold it with one hand or a knee [Eeeewww!] I’ve tried to balance my purse on it . I’ve tried to band-aid it there with any type of adhesive [like a postage stamp] I might have in my purse at the moment. None of those work.

So, a little while ago I came out of the bathroom at WalMart with said tissue in hand and just asked, “How the heck do these things work?”

I have since come to know that you don’t have to push the center part down. You don’t have to figure out which way it faces. You don’t have to hold it with your knee. You just place it on the toilet seat, and approach, sit and do your stuff.

The entire key to the problem is this:  you don’t push the hole in! That’s been the problem. As soon as the perforation is broken it prematurely slides into the bowl. So you must leave it intact, do your business [which just goes through the paper] and flush.

Don’t forget to wash thoroughly!

[Little iddy-biddy side note.] Tracy was standing outside of the bathroom when I came out with the seat cover and asked the question. She nearly died. Explained the whole thing to me and proptly left a little puddle where she was standing.

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  1. Tami

    I assumed that this was a bathroom with stalls and that she was just outside of them… Doesn’t really matter where, tho. The Tracy puddles just happen!

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