woo woo hoo hoo

Don’t want to jinx myself but I really don’t remember the last time I weighed . . . drum roll! . . .


Oh, yah!

I haven’t wanted to talk much about weight/weight-loss because I’m so afraid if I do, I’ll get all ridiculous and over-confident and lazy and I’ll gain. So, I’ve just been keepin’ on keepin’ on and doing great. I’ll write about it someday. Someday when I’m confident I won’t slip directly into sabotage-mode. Someday when I’ll believe enough in myself to keep it off. Someday when I’ll make it a permanent life style. Someday when I will love myself enough to put down the Oreos. Someday when I will believe all that I’ve been writing about for the past 2 1/2 years. Someday when I practice what I preach.

Someday . . .

[don’t hold your breath!]

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