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Oh, my goodness it feels so good to sleep in. And by sleep in, I mean 5:00 a.m. Luxury! Priceless! I have no clue what happened after 8 p.m. last night because I was dead to the world. It has taken me several days to recover from the two days I woke up around 2 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

But today is wonderful!

I have to be to work this morning around 8 or so. Scrub the commons and get it all set up for the Bridger Valley Christmas Craft Fair that is held the first Friday and Saturday of every single December in history! I have tried for years to get them to move it to a Saturday in November. It seems to me most people have the majority of their shopping done by December 3rd. Or, am I mistaken?

I’ve been working on a few crafts. Another one of the ‘jingle all the way’ blocks and another ‘savior.’ So fun. My counter looks like a tornado but the hubz is being pretty supportive and keeps asking when the craft fair is. I keep telling him on the 2nd and 3rd. I swear he thinks I have a booth there or something. But no. WAY no. I do have to work it, but I’m not going to be selling there. I just let him think what he keeps thinking so I can justify having the entire kitchen taken over by crafts.

I remember one day my sister, Diane, said something about how our lives turn out to be disappointing. We might have been commiserating with one another and at the end she said, “At least you have your crafts.” I nearly laughed out loud. Hello. It’s not like they are people. Oh. Stop. Wait. Sometimes I do talk to them and give them a special spot and adore them. But, even I know they are not real people that you have real relationships with.


On a lighter note. 140.5! Feeling good.

I’m so looking forward to my bro/sis party this weekend. I haven’t been to one for two years [I think] [Above craft fair is always on the same weekend.] [How’s that for  proper bracket usage?] [Dang, I love brackets almost as much as I love crafts.]

[At least I have my brackets!]

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