Every three years I get to gift my wonderful friend, Becky Davidson. She is so, so dear to me. This year I asked her what she would like — she knows I like to make gifts and give something out of wood and paint and sweat and tears. She hears about my creative efforts all year long so I’m not sure she really wants something I’ve made, but she always says she does, so I do just that.

This morning I gave her the little Savior Nativity that I’ve been making. This was — I think — the fifth one I’ve finished. I know it’s kind of silly, but I kinda get attached to those things. It’s as though I have somehow ‘given birth’ to them. Created and cared and brought them to being. That does sound silly! Well at any rate, it is definitely something from my heart and I hope receivers know that. She was very sweet and said she would place it in a place worthy of admiration.

I also gave her three little blocks that said HO HO HO. I said, you can just put them upside down and they’ll say OH OH OH. She laughed and we hugged. I had made a card for her . . .

To my Dear Friend, Becky,

I hope you surround yourself with All Things Heaven this Christmas season. The Father and his Love. The Savior and his Redeeming Power. Lot’s of Warm and Wonderful memories. Strength from Guardian Angels. Support from loving Friends and Family.

You are such a good person and when I count my blessings, you are always near the top of that list.

Merry Christmas, Becky


You may remember she lost her husband this past April. This will be a hard Christmas for Becky.

Once in a lifetime someone like her comes along. Oh wait. In the case of my daughter, Tracy, I’d say she has at least seventy-eleven such friends. I have one, Tracy has a gazillion. But I’m so thrilled with my one good friend!

I also gave a similar Nativity to Dave and Alice last Saturday at our brother/sister party. I took two extra “Jingle” gifts just in case they wanted something else. But something Alice said to me assured me it was a good fit. She said, “Oh, Dorothy, we focus on the Savior at Christmastime. All the other stuff is secondary to Christ. This is the perfect gift for us!”

Warmed my heart right up!

I am so thankful for the gifts and talents I’ve been given. I am thankful that I can create something and enjoy both making and giving it. I’m grateful for the joy it gives others. And I’m grateful that the Lord blesses me each day, in ways that are specific and individually crafted for me.


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