one birth, one child, one season, one reason

It took me a long time to get things together this year, but I can finally say I’ve got the house decorated. This is one of my favorites. [See the three people standing in for the ‘i’.] I don’t have one thing under the tree yet, but that will all happen in good time. Mikelle and Logan are coming tomorrow for a job interview and I am up cleaning this morning. Three a.m. But that’s perfect since I went to bed at 7:00 last night. I had a wonderful dream-filled night. And now I’ve got loads of energy for the cleaning part of my day. I also have to work 4 hours sometime this morning, run to Evanston for groceries, and work the Bridger Valley Coalition of Churches Christmas concert this evening from 4 to 10. So a full day.

Becky and I were talking yesterday about our workday. There’s another gal we work with who comes in with a sour attitude every single day. It seems like one of her first ten sentences goes something like, “I have just got to get a better attitude.” She really doesn’t like coming to work. She doesn’t like her job or her area. Becky and I both said we don’t know what we’d do without the structure, the feeling of accomplishment every day, the satisfaction of earning a pay check, the financial security, the friends we’ve grown to love and appreciate, and the absolute fun we have laughing at stupid things that happen.

Sure, I love staying home once in a while. I love slowing down. I love a morning without work. I love catching up on things I’ve recorded. I love time to clean my house. I love a leisurely breakfast. I love time to read. I love listening to music and dancing around in my garmies. I love a hot bath and hot chocolate. I love a facial. But, once I get all of that done, I also love going to work. I need that purpose.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here.

Here’s a few other pics of new things this year . . .

Love this stocking!

I can’t get enough of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.
Tracy gave this to me for my birthday and I adore it.
I keep it up all year round!

My big splurge two years ago. Adore!!!! See how Mary is holding the baby!

I’ve been trying to get a couple more gifts made. I thought I was done and had put away all my wood, paint and glitter but then remembered two weddings coming up next week and the two other Christmas parties I have. I try to do a cute craft for each of those even though it kills me to give away something I’ve made for a ‘white elephant’ gift that someone else might not love as much as I do. See that’s the thing. When I have things on a diplay and someone comes and picks out something they adore and clunk down their hard-earned cash for it, I feel good. But, when I give something to someone I’m not totally sure they adore quite as much as I do I get a little queasy. They smile and ooh and aah in my presence and then I’m wondering if it ends up in a tote in the basement.

Umm. Suddenly I have a little tummy ache.

Oh wait. Not to worry. It’s probably the brownies I scarfed down last night.