I got everything done! EVERYthing! Went to Home Depot and found the DeWalt thingy. Checked the price, ran to Sears and discovered it was $29 more, so ran back to Home Depot to purchase it. Ran to Quilted Bear while I was near the mall. Only bought a few things there — cute ‘marriage’ 12 X12 tile for the new Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Redden. Bought a darling red sled off the Christmas tree at the front of the store . . . 50% off! I think this will be for the new Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hickman. And, I bought two curly scarfs to dress up a couple of outfits for Church. [Sorry, Mikelle. Yes, I did buy the same exact one that I bought for you last week!] [Let’s not wear them on the same day!]

Then I ran to Kitchen Kneads to get bread bags for Tracy and ended up getting three bread pans for me, [I’m so excited!] some little festive plastic bags for some gifts and more flax seeds for my smoothies.

Off to Hastings for Scott’s gifts and to pick up something Stephen needed. Back to Deseret Book for garms and a new Book of Mormon Institute Manual. [I’m starting tonight!!!] [Thanks, Carol for directions!]

A quick stop at Maverick. $2.93/ gal. Awesome! Also had to wash all the salt off my windows because I couldn’t see a thing!

Back to Kitchen Kneads for one more look around before heading to the South end of town again.

Went to Sports Authority for Steevo’s gift. Then to Sportsman’s Warehouse and back to Sports Authority.



And finally home by 8:30.

Ten hours of shopping, but I’m done.

I think.

Oh, I still need to get Scott’s other gift, but I think I can do that from here.


Wait. I’m going to do 50 more sit-ups and 25 more push ups. I’m really going to put this to the test and see if it can make a difference! I’m so ready for a d.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.c.!