heading out

I think I’ll head to Ogden today and get a DeWalt impact driver for the huzb! Maybe at Home Depot. Maybe Sears.

I also need some frozen fruit from Sam’s.

And some little cute cellophane bags for the darling cookbooks I bought for my co-workers.

And, I should get some little Christmas cards for the gift cards we got.

And, of course, I need to go to Quilted Bear. Diane gave me a gift card [YAY!] at our brother/sister Christmas party!

Maybe I’ll treat myself to lunch somewhere fun! Dang, I wish Mom were still here! We’d go to Sizzler or Soup n Salad. Oh my heck! I just remembered the day we went to Sizzler on 2nd Street [?] She had way too much food and we stuffed it into a little to-go styrofoam tray. We got out to the car and I put it on top while I helped her into the front seat. You guessed it. A little while later we saw the whole thing blowing off the top of the car! We laughed so dang hard. Thank heaven for Depends!

Yah, I need to get up and start moving for the day. I need to shower and try to fix this hair that I accidentally cut the other day. Seriously! I spent five days with Mikelle last week and could not get a hair cut. I need to weigh. I need to eat healthy today. I need to get a protein shake going in the Vita Mix. I need to make the bed and clean up my  craft mess. I need to finish the batch of work clothes that are still in the dryer.

Most of all I need to exercise. OK! I’m going to do that first. Right now. I keep thinking if I can just s.t.a.r.t! If I can just drop to the floor and do 20, or so, push-ups. And 15 sit-ups! I could be addicted to exercise again! Yikes, who am I kidding?

I’ll get back to you on that.

[PS: 143. Not where I want to be.]