I am on the Christmas program tomorrow. I’ve thought about it for a couple of weeks. I know exactly why the bishop asked me. He had been trying to get me to speak in Sacrament for the past — well several — months. Since July! Every single month a member of the bishopric asked me to speak, and I just have to say, I travel a lot! Every time they had a plan, I was out of town. [I love to speak in Sacrament and would have gladly done so if I were here!]

So at tithing settlement the other week, Bishop asked if I would be here on Christmas. I said YES! — thinking I would be able to study and prepare a great Christmas talk. But I found out we are having just the Church-wide one-hour Sacrament and all he wanted me to do was to pick out a Christmas song, tell why I picked it and then sit down and sing it with the congregation. Uggh. That’s not nearly what I’d like to do.

But here’s the problem. I looked through all the Christmas songs starting on page 201 and going to page 214. I read through them. I listened to the tunes in my head. I heard my mother singing them. I was filled with warm memories and good feelings. But, a different song kept coming to my mind. Our Savior’s Love. On page 113! Not in the group of Christmas Songs. Not the norm. Certainly not what people will have in mind. But, I feel like it’s the song I want to pick and sing.

It’s so simple, really. It’s so logical. It’s so right. It’s so the r.e.a.s.o.n!

Our Savior’s love shines like the sun with perfect light, as from above. It breaks thru clouds of strife, lighting our way. It leads us back into his sight, where we may stay to share eternal life.

The Spirit, voice of goodness, whispers to our hearts a better choice than evil’s anguished cries. Loud may the sound of hope ring till all doubt departs, and we are bound to him by loving ties.

Our Father, God of all creation, hear us pray in rev’rence, awed by thy Son’s sacrifice. Praises we sing! We love thy law; we will obey our heav’nly King! In Thee our hearts rejoice!

Don’t anybody try to tell me that’s not a Christmas song!!!

It’s sums up why we’re here. It sums up who we are and who He is. It sums up what He does for us. It sums up in nine short sentences the plan of happiness.

Yah, it’s a Christmas song! [But I’m hoping I don’t feel like a fool saying so in front of my ward . . .]