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I have, seriously, started a diet every single day this month. Thirty days in a row I have gotten up, started the day with optimism and enthusiasm — thinking it would be different than the day before, and gone to bed frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed. And, I actually weight about five pounds more than when […] Read the Rest…



I know it’s been a month of Sundays, but dang it! I’m overwhelmed. Well, maybe not overwhelmed, so much as busy! Well, maybe not so busy as LAZY! There. Now we’ve got the right word! Right now I’m heading out the door to get some adorable red shoes at Dillards and to go to Quilted […] Read the Rest…


mother/daughter conversation

This, after my last post about living the same day over and over. It was my own little Ground Hog Day. Only I would call it Big Fat Hog Day! Tracy:  Buck up! Me:  That’s easy for you to say. Tracy:  I don’t think it’s easy for me to say. Not at all. But it […] Read the Rest…