choc full

Chocolate is a lie.

It’s a big fat conspiratorial consumer  lie.

There are actually people who make money off this huge lie. They tell you that a little bit of dark chocolate is actually good for you. So you go to Wal-Mart and read all the chocolate labels in the ‘healthy’ chocolate area, which is right next to the unhealthy chocolate. So you end up drooling all over the place . . . Then you make a decision based on that lie. Hey, this chocolate is actually going to make me feel good about myself. It is going to create some endorphins and help me feel wonderful. On the way home I try it out. I eat the three pieces, which equals one serving, which equals 180 calories. Oh, what the heck by the Kemmerer junction I think I’ll just have myself one more serving. By the first sister, I’m on serving #3 and by the Bigelow Bench I’ve finished off the first giant size ‘healthy’ Special dark chocolate bar.

And when I say bar, I surely mean


Wow! And I  bought three of the suckers. They were supposed to last 15 days!

[And by the way, if a serving size is three pieces, why the heck do they have FOUR pieces stuck together in a row?]

2 thoughts on “choc full

  1. tracy

    Oh yes, marketing…it works, it surely works.

    I have no willpower. None. If it is in my house I will eat it. If I don’t want to eat it, I need to not bring it in.

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