I just got home from Tracy’s. Just walked in the door. I’ve been thinking about this blog for a couple of hours and have to let it flow out and take form.

I have never seen such a huge network of friends — Tracy’s friends! Oh, my good goodness! [Yes, I meant to put both ‘good’s in there.] I am literally [or figuratively] blown away! I am in awe of the way she turned out! I am her biggest fan. Well, I’m her biggest Mother fan. Because, she has a whole lot of other fans and I’m not sure I’m the ‘biggest’ in the category of all her fans.

I got there on Friday in time for gymnastics. The first thing Mikelle said to me after a few hellos and squeals of delight from the East, was, “Oh, my gosh, Tracy is pretty amazing. She’s a good gymnastics teacher!” She has a way of giving lots of individual attention to every single kid there. And, most of the parents, too. Not to mention the very obvious! She’s almost 40 and can still do a running round-off hand-spring! All those gymnastics lessons twenty-five years ago paid off!

Later, she rushed to the play where she had organized and presided over the concessions. Once again, I saw so much teamwork and mutual respect and friendship going on all over the place. Lots of hugs and sweet-talk and support. Lots of genuine camaraderie all over the place. And, lots of singing from the smoothie lady! One man came up to the window and said he’d buy a couple of smoothies if he could just hear her sing and watch her dance around while she made them. Lots of enthusiasm going on over by the Vita Mixes. And, you’ve got to know, they had a goal of making about $400 to pay for expenses. NOT! They made over $800! What the cow, mama?

After the play and all the clean-up [about a two-hour job with lots of help and cooperation, Tracy, Tami and Kat had an all-nighter at Kat’s abode. Seriously! All Night Long! Tam-and-Trace-got-home-at-6-am kind of all night long! I wouldn’t have even been able to think of what to say for a half hour, much less six or eight of confiding and talking!

You know what? This is only the half of it. Before I even got there, Tracy lined up about 12 haircuts for Mikelle to do so she could make a little extra money. With Logan laid off, money is pretty scarce at their house. Then, when Tracy was at the play the first night, Kat, Jessica, Boo, Mikelle and Tami cleaned her house, put up shelves, cooked and took care of 20+ children, and put up a whiteboard in the hall. Jessica also cleaned Tracy’s kitchen sink and I’m here to testify of it’s sparkles! I just noticed Tracy blogged about that whole experience as well.

That’s what I’m talking about!

That kind of friendship is hard to come by.

These ladies confide in each other. Clean each other’s toilets. Color each other’s hair. Nurse each other’s babies. They encourage and support one another. They cry with each other. They hold nothing back! They tell each other the truth. [Jessica said — while getting her hair-dye rinsed out in Tracy’s sink — “Tracy, have you every heard of Comet?”] Tracy had, apparently, heard of it but never used it. So, Jessica brought over Comet and cleaned it like new!

That is some kind of friend!

And, speaking of some kind of friends —  Saturday morning about 9:00 Jennifer came with a bag of homemade triple-yummy goat soap to share! She’s not only bouncy and adorable, but super-talented and not the least bit shy about sharing. Unbelievably delightful! She even gave me some aromatic [pink moisturizing cranberry!] creation that I am going to use on my old, dry face and think of her each time I do. [Much too nice to use on other smelly body parts!]

And, it reminded me that Amy and Tracy cleaned Jessica’s toilets while she was pregnant and very sick. Just the thought of cleaning toilets at that time, apparently, made Jessica barf all over the place! Not to worry! Call in the girl-friends! [It’s a well-known secret that Tracy absolutely adored Jessica from afar before she moved into her ward and got to know her personally. She famous, you know! I’m sure Tracy would clean her toilets forever if she’d let her!]

I remembered when Amy was pregnant, and we were camping at GRL, Tracy had me drive her out on the dirt road so she could climb a mountain to get phone service so she could check on her friend. I could see her from where I sat in the car, waving her hands and pacing back and forth in the blowing grass up there on the hill. She talked to her for an hour and told her she could TOO handle this pregnancy and she was going to be fine and was going to do great!

I remembered when Tami was having Teryn, Tracy called her and talked her through a monumental emotional breakdown through.

When Tracy was overwhelmed with her lump, her friends all lifted her hands and fed her and cried with her.

There are so many more hundreds of examples. Going both directions — from Tracy and to Tracy. And, oh, my gosh! I wish you could see the bartering and trading that goes on in their community of friendship! Sewing for cleaning. Gymnastics for dinners. Rides for daycare. Dinners for art classes. Doula-ing for knitting. And, on and on. And, there’s a whole lot of SSS happening too. That would be Secret Santa Surprises.

I stand awed at her amazing life and friends and faith and family and commitment and strength and her infectious laugh.

She’s delightful!

And, to top it all off, she made me feel loved, too. We went shopping Saturday even with her only-two-hours-of-sleep. She made me feel an important part of her life. We shopped and laughed and talked and ate and had such a good time.

I adore that girl!

This morning she went to another ward with me so I didn’t have to be alone. We went to a 9:00 ward so that I could get a good start home in the daylight instead of waiting for her 1:00 ward [which she also went to.] Even there, in a different ward, she found friends and acquaintances to visit with. Lots of people knew her. It was like I was with a celebrity. I kid you not! [OK, I’m kidding.]

I am so pleased [is that a pride thing?] that her life turned out like this. I give so much credit to Richard for seeing something in her. For seeing potential and sticking with it until her potential blossomed. He may be in the background, but he is the driving force of their family. He is the leader. He is the power behind all the good in their lives. She is so blessed because of his goodness! I kid you not! [I am serious here!]

So, glad I got a front row seat at this epiphany!

7 thoughts on “epiphany

  1. Katherine

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure they will agree with me that our relationships with Tracy are synergistic. She makes me a better person & I am so grateful that Heavenly Father put in my path & that she didn’t run away from me.

  2. jessica

    I completely agree with Kat. Tracy gives out WAY more than I could ever possibly manage to give back. It’s intimidating, sometimes, being friends with someone who is surrounded by legions of fans who would drop everything to do anything for her. But I’m grateful I can have a small part in her world… and Amy’s, and Kat’s… and everyone else I’ve met through Tracy.

  3. Amy

    Loved this post! Some of the greatest blessings in my life are the friends that I have made since I moved to Rigby. Most of the time I feel like the nerd in the cool group, but I am forever grateful that I am allowed in. Tracy is simply amazing and I don’t know if I can ever repay her kindnesses in this lifetime. Right now, I am trying not to bawl every time I see Jessica’s “For Sale” sign or think about a ward split!

  4. weighingmatters Post author

    Amy! I can’t imagine life without Jessica, either. But it looks like it might happen. And the ward split is sure to come, as well. Just know that all of you will be friends forever. I’m pretty dang sure you’ll all have a big corner in heaven marked, “BFF” and that you’ll continue on as you have here on earth. I have no doubt!!!!

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