finally losing

I ran to Wal-Mart to get some more red totes. I don’t know! For the first time in my life I want to put everything away in matching red totes. Christmas stuff, that is. It looks so organized and perfect in the junk room. One of the junk rooms! I have four of them in the basement. [I feel so sorry  for whoever has to clear this place out. Wish I had it in me but I definitely don’t!]

Anyway, I got a few more things than red totes. I got some groceries, ice cream for Leonard and some frozen fruit bars for me. Light bulbs for the little candle warmer, Dial, Dove, a chain for the dog, hairspray, deodorant, juice, cottage cheese, meat, cereal, etc.

Long story short, [if that is even possible . . .] I have been looking for the light bulbs. I wanted to replace the bulb in my little Scentsy warmer [in lieu of actually cleaning]. I have looked all over the whole dang house. For a couple of days! I finally decided I must have left the bag there, or maybe even decided they wouldn’t work, because the ones I actually needed are 20 watt and the only ones Wal-Mart had were 40 watt. I remember standing in front of the shelf thinking I’d better not get them because they might be way too hot and I’d probably start a fire while I was sound asleep.

So, I got home today, watched the Today show, started thinking about dinner and then remembered I had bought some fruit bars. You guessed it! Went to the freezer out in the garage and found the bag. Been there a couple of days! But, there were no light bulbs. I really must have talked myself out of them. But, there was my hairspray, two kinds of bar soap, the dog chain, gum and a big metal fastener. All frozen rock solid! I hadn’t even missed any of those!!!

L.o.s.i.n.g. i.t!

And all I can think of is too bad I’m losing my mind, but not any weight!