I’m sitting here, at the school, working this month’s dance. Oh, my gosh, the music is loud, but if I’m being honest with myself, I am starting to sway a little back and forth with the rhythm while in my compfy chair. I have a couple doors closed between my computer and the commons area and can still hear it loud and clear. Well, not so clearly, actually, because I usually can’t understand a single word in today’s teen music!

I worked basketball games this week but didn’t do custodial work for them so I thought I’d better work the dance. It’s not my best time of day [night] but I really should take my turn. I guess.

I speak in church tomorrow and am kind of excited about it. I love the topic. I especially love that Tracy wrote two blogs a while ago that I basically combined and made a talk out of. It, seriously, took me about three hours to do the whole thing. Normally, I’m sure, it would have taken me about three days!

I’ve had two or three great [eating] days this week and two or three really frighteningly poor eating days. What the heck is going on with me? I decided to try to get through February and then figure this whole thing out. I must be suffering from SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder] or FAD [February Affective Disorder] or something akin to the two. Because, for some reason I can’t get through a whole week without torturing myself with food. It’s been a really crappy, long, sick, out-of-control couple of months . . .]

I have enjoyed [it’s relative] exercising, though, since I bought my half-price one-year gym membership. I can see an improvement in the rolls of fat around my tummy as well as the texture of the cottage-cheese on my thighs. It seems to be a smaller curd if you ask me.

OK, folks, that’s the update!

I still weigh a ton. 148! 140 seems completely out of reach for me, but I am saving so much money right now. I can hardly stand to go into a clothing store, so I just haven’t spent a penny of anything for me. Oh, wait. I did buy two exercise outfits. When I went to class the teacher said, “New outfit?” I’m like, “Yah, how did you know? She said, “Um, you have a sticker on your butt!” I did the fastest half pretzel move in history and whipped that price tag off. Totally embarrassing having and ginormous X-L on the backside!!!

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