Monthly Archives: March 2012


monkey business

I never really know ‘what I was thinking’ when I sign up to work Alumni Basketball. Never mind that there are 12 teams of wanna-be men [some of them really, really old, like 50!] who come back to bask in the glory of high school sports life. Never mind that it is approximately 16 hours […] Read the Rest…


coping 101

The last three months have been a little overwhelming. I think I have internalized way too many things that are going on in other people’s lives. Camille, Tracy and Mikelle’s for starters. I’ve also been worrying about Becky coming up on the one year anniversary of losing her Wayne. And, I’ve been eating for all […] Read the Rest…


life sucks today

It is absolutely gorgeous outside. Crisp. Blue, cloudless sky. Brilliant sunshine. Birds singing and an  owl hooting over at the park across the street. Two days ago we had a horizontal whiteout that left 3 inches of snow on the ground. Today, you’d never know it. I want that. I want to have an emotional […] Read the Rest…