hate hate hate




I’ve been grumpy. I AM grumpy.

I’m miserable and grumpy and grouchy and hard to live with. I know. I’ve been trying to live with me, too. And, that makes me even more miserable. So much so that this morning I have a throbbing headache!

I’m tired. And, emotionally anorexic. Wait. Maybe I’m more emotionally bulimic. Anyway, I’m totally askew! And, I’m sorry people are getting the raw end of the deal here. Less than they bargained for.

I should just start over.

Dear Tracy, and Mikelle and Logan and Hubby, and Easton and Becky and, well basically Everyone who has had to come in contact with me in the last week.

I am sorry!

I know I’ve been hard to live with. I pretty much hate everything about myself. About my life. About  my weight. About my mouth [that keeps saying terrible things to people I love.] I hate my crappy attitude and my crappy outlook on life. And, I hate the passive/agressive state I’ve sunk into lately. I hate my sarcasm and my little jabs I keep aiming at all of you. I hate me.

I will try to do better today.

One thought on “hate hate hate

  1. Tracy

    I’m sorry you are feeling down. I have been so wrapped up in my own problems, I haven’t noticed you being grumpy or depressed or difficult. I’m sorry for not noticing.

    I think you should consider getting a blessing. The Lord loves you and wants to bless you and heal you.

    I adore you. Thank you for being my mama and enduring to the end. You can do this. I know it.

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