mums the word

Oh, my heck. I have no clue where that week went. I’m trying to think back. Let’s see, I drove the bus twice, worked four days, cleaned, did laundry, went to the gym twice, went to SLC, Logan, Ogden twice. OK. Now it’s all coming back to me.

We had two snowstorms so that means extra hours at work, moving snow. I also cleaned our driveway and changed over all my Winter things to Spring crafts. That was very difficult for me because I love my little snowman and we are sure to have at least two more months of snow anyway, so why bother. I’ll tell you why. I went to Mikelle’s and she had all her Spring stuff out. Cute little flowers, her big carrot, her darling wheat grass. Her house is always so cute — and clean. My Spring stuff is out but it’s a little overwhelming and surely not clean.

Oh, well.

Something else that is taking all my time — I’m now officially addicted to the Mormon Channel. I LOVE early church history on ‘Past Impressions!’ LOVE! Also addicted to Words with Friends!

Heading out tomorrow morning to run to Logan to pick up Tracy’s two youngest to take them to the dentist in SLC and then to bring them to my house for a couple of days. [That sentences had 8 to’s in it!] Tracy is supposed to be in bed on the mend, but she keeps hurting herself. Maybe if I have Annes and Fisher for a couple of days she can stay horizontal a little longer. Mikelle and Logan have been there since Saturday whipping things into shape. So, seriously, she should be having a week of bed rest. But something tells me she’s been up and around.

Oh, and I’m still mad at her for sending me money!

Andie ran at State Indoor Track and did so well. She got 19th in the mile [ 5:46] and 11th in the 2 mile! So proud of her. But, she doesn’t want me to blog about it, so that’s about all I’ll say about her and her amazing, wonderful, running talent! Scott drove up to Gillette behind the bus to watch her. He’s a good dad!

Alrighty! Another blog without me so much as mentioning my *w*e*i*g*h*t*! And, what the heck! It’s time to go drive another bus!