I feel pretty helpless. It’s hard watching Tracy lie in bed and not be able to get up and do the things she wants/needs to do. She is hurting. I suggested she put her knees up on a pile of about four pillows or a small stool to take some of the pressure off her back and she explained she can’t even move that joint without an incredible amount of pain. She can’t sit up. She occasionally walks limps to the bathroom but that’s about it. She was able to go to Kat’s party, [only because she laid back in the seat on the way and they built her a bed-type apparatus for the party] the caucus and teach a class on Saturday morning from the fulling- reclined position. [That must have been painful to even get into that chair.]

I really felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do for her. So, I tried to be funny and make her laugh — which, as it turns out, hurts as well!

We laid in bed yesterday morning for about three hours working together on little projects on our twin iPADS. She loaded a bunch of stuff on my LDS sites. She also tried to load some stories for me to listen to. [Seriously, Rikki Tikki Tavi is not something I would have chosen for myself!] We played a couple of word-search games.

Um, no.

Dang it. I wish I could take all that away for her.

That’s the thing about parents. They would much rather step in the place of their children and take whatever they are going through — away. Whether it’s physical pain, emotional upheaval or a spiritual dry-spell. I guess that’s not how it works. I know the Lord’s plan is far superior to anything I could dream up, but I wish, just for a month or two I could be the one with the cracked pelvis, and Tracy could get back to her extremely busy, over-booked, hectic life.

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