Does this guy look familiar? It’s Kirby Heyborne of LDS pop-culture fame.

On set for the new show, The Client List, with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

This is my first cousin, once removed. He is an actor, songwriter, musician, all around good guy. And, he’s my cousin, Marilyn Hutchinson Heyborne’s, son. He’s been in all those LDS movies — RM, Best Two Years and the likes . . .

What a cute and talented kid. He looks so much like Marilyn. Unfortunately, she passed away from cancer at a very early age. And, although our family wasn’t as close to Dad’s side of the family as we were to Mom’s, I remember playing and growing up with Marilyn. Their family was in our 2nd Ward and we had yearly get-togethers. And, of course, I saw her at school and even double dated with her and Bruce several times.

He is in the newly released The Three Stooges.

He has, also, been in numerous commercials. He short a Honda Commercial with Mario Andretti!

How fun to see how Marilyn’s family grew up. I have another famous cousin I’ll write about tomorrow.

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