Nothing special about that number, for sure. Other than it’s three-fourths of the way to a 1,000. That’s the number of posts I’ve done — not counting the ones that are pending . . . that I started and never finished.

I think back to the day I decided to start to post about my weight struggles. I weighed 161. I was so frustrated with myself, because being a Weight Watchers Employee, I was not living up to my own — and WW’s — expectations. I was, once again, a fraud.

Still am. Still struggling. Still making excuses and seeing little progress. Oh, that’s not to say that I haven’t felt good about myself in the last three years. I’ve met my goal on a number of occasions. I’ve felt good. In fact, I’ve felt fabulous. Wonderful. Amazing.

Now, right this very minute, not so much. But it’s getting better. I’m figuring this out and I’ll get it. No more blaming anyone or anything else. I’ve had lot’s of eye-opening aha’s lately and I can feel a shift in my thinking. In my planning. I’ve had lot’s of encouragement from a few of you ‘out there’ and I’m finally ready to take care of these extra pounds.

I can see that I’ve been going about things pretty skewedly for the last three months and — wait. Spell check just underlined that word. Surely there is not another word to say that more perfectly. I’m feeling like I have skewed things. Which is to say that I have warped them. See! It’s there:

Words and phrases matching your pattern:
(We’re restricting the list to terms we think are related to skew, and sorting by relevance.)
1. slant
2. distort
3. oblique
4. skewed
5. skewing
6. twist
7. obliquely
8. slanting
9. swerve
10. veer
11. scroll
12. skue
13. division ring
14. hankel matrix
15. skew-symmetric matrix
16. skew-whiff
17. skewness
18. springer
19. squiffy
20. symmetric matrix
21. symplectic matrix
22. cognitive bias
23. exterior power
24. multilinear map
25. wrench
26. wring
27. contort
28. kink
29. spin
30. twine
31. warp
32. writhe
33. aslant
34. bias
35. diagonal
36. slope

Now, what was I saying?

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