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Feeling good! It’s Springtime.

Wait. It did snow last night but I’m sure it will melt. This is Wyoming and it snows all the time in the Spring. Our grass is still mighty yellow and dead, although I do see a few green sprouts poking through around the edges of the yard. It might help if there weren’t ten gazillion dead leaves from last fall there, as well.

[I was in Utah on Friday and was amazed at all the green lawns!]

Anyhoo . . . I feel pretty dang proud of myself. I’ve already exercised this morning and plan to go to the gym later in the afternoon after work for some treadmill work.

I’m just going to spit this out before I totally regret it. I’m at 152. Not a pretty number, to be sure. I need a 4 in there! But at least it’s not 155 and I’m heading in a better direction. I’m determined to exercise all week. That’s a long enough goal for me right now. And, I’m determined not to eat all of the food that Mikelle feels like she has to cook every single day.

She is one heck of a good cook!


Just got to make me more of a priority than her food.

And, it’s April, for crying out loud!

I’m aiming for 150 by the 15th! I know I can do that! 146 by the end of the month, and 142 by my birthday in May.

OK! It’s down in black and white for all the world to see.

Sure wish I was competing with someone besides myself. Everyday I go down to weigh and there are Mikelle’s numbers on the scale right in front of my sad face. 131! or 130! She is looking mighty good. Slim, and toned, and happy and energized. It’s all that physical therapy she’s been doing since last August.

I’ll get there!

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