dial it back

It’s April’s Fools Day and, although, I’m not April [or Stephanie or Jennifer or Sugar] — not even close — I have been a huge fool! I’ve totally and completely ignored exactly what I need to do for my health and my body. HELL-O! I have made excuses galore and paid dearly for such a ridiculously lazy and ignorant attitude for three long months. And, no, I’m not talking about the ‘rude ignorant’ that everyone mis-speaks. I’m talking about being totally ignorant concerning the tole it would take on my life, my attitude, my body, my emotions and spiritual well-being to believe I could hibernate and play ostrich for three months.

Big Mistake. So, I got up this morning and exercised in the bedroom. I used the ball and weights and did tons of push-ups. My heck it didn’t take very long —  maybe 20 minutes all together and I felt better all day long. And even though Mikelle [and I, as the assistant] made enchiladas I somehow wasn’t even temped to eat them.

OK, truth. I did slice off a chunk of cheese right before bedtime. Mikelle came into my room to say good night and give me a big-girl hug. The cheese was sitting on my dresser while I set the alarm, plugged in the phone and iPAD and turned down the covers. She screamed, “Has Easton been eating soap?”

Seriously? She must have thought it was a bar of Dial Gold. [Yes it was about the same size I’m sad to report . . .]

She said, “OH, this is so you can fart all night and stink up your whole bedroom!”

So much for the big-girl hug. Kind of negated that whole good feeling.

But she’s absolutely right.

My bedroom stinks in morning when I wake up.

UGGGG. Gotta get rid of all that cheese!

[Oh. Wait. Stop. This was offensive, to be sure. Your toots don’t stink, right?]

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