double [ugh] or nothing

So, I’ve been exercising hard for five days. We’ve ridden our bikes about five miles three times and done strength training once. I’ve eaten nothing but healthy for six days. And, for all that I’ve lost one pound. Ugh.

In fact, Double Ugh.

Eating a lot of crap and gaining weight is a lot like sinning. Easy to do. Not so easy to un-do. I swear, I can gain ten pounds in two weeks and then it takes six months to get it back off. It wouldn’t take that long . . . maybe only two months . . . if I didn’t procrastinate and keep putting it off. Sometimes I deceive myself into believing that if I just don’t count the calories they won’t count and if I just lay on the couch thinking about exercising, I’ll burn calories.

Um. No.

I’ve been around the block enough times to know that isn’t true.

Oh. Wait. I haven’t literally been around the block that many times. I’ve more than likely just been lying on the couch thinking I’ve been around the block! If I had actually been around the block that many times, I might not be in the shape I’m in.


At least I’m not still wearing those 8 pounds of water. And, at least I’m doing something! But, it’s little comfort when I want instant results. Big instant results.


Enough of this feeling sorry for myself. I’m going to go take some vitamins and jog around the commons. Or, clean some toilets.