houston we don’t have a problem

The planets are aligning. I can feel it! I can feel control coming back into my life. I notice myself thinking through a scenario about food and eating, before I put myself into a situation that I usually can’t/don’t make the best of. A situation that’s hard to recover from.

Feels good.

I don’t know how long it will last, but so far three days has been a major accomplishment. It started on Friday when I was retaining 8 pounds of water. And then, somehow, I was able to eat right Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It’s seems like a lifetime since that’s happened. Of course, Mikelle wasn’t here those three days cooking her deliciousness that I have a hard time ignoring.

I feel good about other things, too. I love the Mormon Channel and all that I am learning about early Church History. I love studying the B of M. I love a couple of books I’ve read lately. I love, love, love the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Wonderful! Amazing!

Tracy has been experiencing some exciting little miracles in her life. She is so on fire right now! And, I feel so blessed that she is sharing with me. I get to feel her exhilaration vicariously!

See, things are looking up! I see good things right in front of me.

And, it’s only Monday.

[Scott said he can’t read my posts anymore. He says they pretty much drive him nuts. He says he is disappointed that I think I have to ‘entertain’ people. And it makes him crazy to have the title of a post have nothing to do with the content until maybe the last line . . . and that it might be loosely connected to it if you squint your eyes and look cross-eyed through a big magnifying glass . . . Yup. Here’s another. He should know I don’t name the posts until after I’m done typing and then something just sticks out that I put up there on top. It’s no big deal. I mean really, I could hardly name this “A couple of things that are starting to feel good, plus Tracy’s new obsession. I mean, really, what kind of title is that?]