learning [again!] 101

Last night, when I was running my guts out, I never thought I’d be writing this morning that I feel great! Holy Exercise-Hard Batman! Mikelle and I had determined that for the next two weeks we are going to stop eating all of her amazing food and start exercising consistently. We wanted to ride bikes but by the time her hub got home it was late and windy. We rode as far as the other edge of Bradshaw’s property next door and decided it was too cold, too miserable and too Wyoming. So, instead, we went to the school to run laps and stairs.

Oh, my goodness. I am here to report I have not a drop of water in my ankles! Yes, my legs ache — but no fluid! We stopped at the end of each circuit to do wall push-ups, crunches and squats. At the end we did some tortuous leg and calf exercise on the stairs in the PAC. I seriously thought I would drop over dead — and at the moment it was nothing but a purely welcome thought. Oh, the joy of lying flat on the floor — or even in a heap on the floor — and not hurting any more. And, not having to wonder anymore if my lungs were going to explode.

Suffice it to say, I did survive. I slept so well. Deep. And, this morning I didn’t have a ton of bags under my eyes. My ankles looked amazing! My thighs and butt ache like crazy but it’s a feeling-of-accomplishment ache. You know what I mean! I can feel my body being alive with pain. That’s a good thing, right?

I suppose I should thank Mikelle for the work-out. I surely wouldn’t have lasted that long, but she kept saying little things like, “You can do this. Come on. You’ve always been a strong woman. You will love how you feel tomorrow. Just one more lap. This is a great exercise Let’s try this. You are doing great!”

So much so that when we had two more minutes to exercise [we thought we were done but looked at the clock . . .] she asked what we should do and I said, “Let’s run as fast as we can.” Seriously? I have no clue where those words came from because I would rather be doing anything than running as fast as I could at that moment. But we did! And my heart pounded so hard I could take my pulse in my neck without even putting my fingers there.

It was exhilarating!

Lesson learned. Ummmm. Again.

[By the way . . . where did Mikelle and her positive and encouraging attitude come from! I keep getting surprised that she isn’t sixteen anymore. She is all grown up with her own family and her own attitudes and her own goals.] Hello, reality! She keeps amazing me with her forgiving, patient and sweet spirit.

[I don’t deserve my two daughters!]

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