my ex

You know, it just occurred to me that none of us, none of my siblings ever really learned to exercises in our youth. None of us had a plan for push-ups or sit-ups three times a week. I don’t think any of us had ever heard the term “aerobic'” in our early days. None of us ever owned a dumbbell [although I was occasionally called that . . .]

We did have bikes. We did run and play hard. We traversed the neighborhood and the park and the slew. We walked to school [uphill both ways!] We were busy and energetic and healthy. But, I never even once saw my mother or my father actually exercise. Or tell us to build our core, or talk about health and eating right.

Now days, it seems like everyone is at the gym. People are out jogging, walking, riding or skating around town. People take kick-boxing, Pilates, wall climb, snowshoe. People pay other people to make them exercise.

I’m not making excuses here. I’m just saying it isn’t my default button.

It should be. It should be my first go-to every single day. Because I know what a body is like without exercise. It’s soft and flabby and lazy and slow and tired. It is slow-thinking. It is excuse-making. It procrastinates. It is a sad body.

I’m thinking through my siblings. Top to bottom. Oh, how I wish we all had better health and better resolutions. It kind of scares me how old and frail and worn out we are becoming. I don’t want to think about that!

I’ve seen the difference a strong healthy body makes in the quality of life. Take Alice, for instance! She’s out there! She’s working those abs. She’s stretching those glutes. She’s jogging those miles. And she looks and feels great. I look at several of my friends who are strong and healthy. Becky, Terri, JoAnn, Blanche, Pauline and Celeste. Their priorities are straight.

I need to remember that I’m the one who can make a difference here. I’m the only one who can add life and years to my living.

I have a sign by my desk that says:


I read it several times a day. I need to LIVE it several times a day!

Oh, wait. You wonder what that stands for? I had to put it in code because I don’t want my co-workers reading it. It says, “Tired of the way I look. Tired of the way I feel. Tired of the way I smell [toots]. I am the only one who can change this situation. Let’s Go Dorothy!”

Yep, Yep! Cheering myself on today!

But seriously, no one needs to know what my little sign says. It doesn’t matter if it is in code or not. Because, my entire body is a sign. It’s a billboard, for crying out loud! It says, “Holy Cow, woman! You need to change something!”

Gotcha, loud and clear. Changing something right now.