seeing is believing

We’ve been at Tracy’s for a couple of days. Mikelle and I drove up on Friday after work. It’s so good to see her and her little family! If only the drive were shorter — I’d be here every couple of weeks! This was a spur of the moment trip. I had looked at my calendar and saw that I have to work the next two weekends. We’ve got the BVEA annual meeting, the Bridger Valley Health Fair and Business Expo and a huge craft show in the gym. That will be all day Friday and Saturday. The following weekend is the Annual Bridger Valley Relay for Life, another two-day event much the same. Full of people, booths and work. Ugh. [But, the money is too good to pass up.]

Tracy has been in bed for something like 9 weeks. Since the middle of February. She has a torn labral and it has been painful [beyond anything ever!] to sit or stand for more than a few minutes. She went to Pocatello Wednesday to have an Ozone treatment and is able to move a little better the last two days. [And, I’m afraid Mikelle and I have worn her out!] [I hope that the good that the Ozone treatment did, wasn’t totally negated by us dragging her all over town!]

It was Beeeeeautiful [with a capital B] yesterday so we drove her to a park in Idaho Falls. There were so many people out and about. We laid out a blanket in the shade/sun and watched the kids run from one apparatus to another. Annes swung so high and helped all the children a little younger than her. She is so grown up! Fisher did everything an almost 8-year old can find. He is full of adventure and pretty much able to find the best in everything he sees. Easton wandered and went down four different slides and kept his mom busy. Tracy laid on the blanket and felt the sunshine and enjoyed finally being out. I read through my lesson for next week a couple of times. We all got a little bit of sun across our noses and a few new freckles.

Of course, we had to shop a little. I’m not sure that was the best idea, given Tracy’s condition. We went to Deseret Industries and Once Upon a Child to get some shorts for Keziah, [“She has nothing to wear!”] then Winco and Sams for groceries. By the time we got home we were all a little overwhelmed. Tracy and Easton have about the same timeline for shopping and they both ran out of steam early on.

Oh, how I wish we all lived a little closer!

This ‘growing-up-and-moving-away’ is a bunch of hooey! What am I going to do when I am 70 and can’t drive the four-hour trip!?!

Mikelle and I walked at the cemetery the first night and then did crunches and push-ups near some headstones. I’ve eaten so dang healthy for a whole week and exercised almost every single day. I was finally able to take off the ponytail-holder I’ve been looping through the buttonhole on my pants [because I wasn’t able to button the waist] and I was feeling so good about my week. You know what’s coming . . . . last night Mikelle bought two ginormous Papa Murphey’s pizzas and I did partake!!!! Could I stop at one? Um no. I had four slices of pizza! Ridiculous! I exchanged a whole week of doing perfect, in the eating and exercise department, for four stupid pieces of pizza.

Same ol’ same ol’. Me giving up what I want most for something I want right now. Me giving up what I want most for what I want temporarily!

Good thing there are a ton of pony tail-holders in Tracy’s bathroom drawer.

We’re heading for a bike ride this morning and then Church at 1:00. It’s another perfect day out there. So much sunshine, hardly any wind. It’s so gorgeous and green here that I have to wonder, sometimes, why I live in Bridger Valley!

I’m so glad we came. I miss seeing Tracy’s family. I do talk on the phone to her at least five times a day, but seeing is so much better!