turn right at the next corner

Okeee Dokey.

So, here’s what happens when you finally get it together [after three grueling months] and decide to exercise and eat right for a week. Here’s what happens when you set a goal to be down 5 pounds by the 15th. [And when I say you, I mean me!]

You basically stay the same. Yup. The scale doesn’t budge one iota.

You get up early and exercise until a sweat breaks. You give up the ol’ chunk-o-cheese at bedtime. You walk two miles in the [very brisk — I might add . . .] wind. You do crunches that surely will carve a belt notch by morning. And, notta. Nuttin!

But, with all that comes a teensy feeling from way down deep that it’s worth it. That this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Every day! To take care of me! That it’s a start — a good start. And, that results will come. Soon! Maybe not 5 pounds by the 15th! That was a dumb goal because I know I’ll never reach it and then I’ll take the old ‘failure trip.’

See, I know myself so well. Set myself up for failure so I can say why bother.

Gotta beat this funk.

Cause, results are just around the corner if I can just keep heading ’round that corner! How’s that for profound!

Yup, still 152, but a better 152 than last week’s 152.

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