turn right

I finally did it. I went on a bike ride. This was the first time since the summer before last. It felt wonderful! I was breathing in the fresh spring air and all the fragrant smells of farm land and fresh grass. Not too far into the excursion my lungs were absolutely burning and my heart nearly crashed my chest wall. Shin splints this morning — to be sure. Even my arms and shoulders ache, although that could have more to do with raking the entire front half-acre. My right ankle is feeling like it’s broken, my left foot that actually was broken is throbbing. And this morning, every time I lean over, I feel the glutes kicking in.

But, gee, I feel good. Great. Actually.

Why? Because I finally did something. I finally exerted some effort [big time] and was able to keep up. Mikelle rode hubby’s bike and I rode my favorite red semi-recumbent. The really sad, almost ridiculous, thing is, I never rode my bike even one time last year. Can you imaging spending $700 on a bike and parking it in the garage for over a year?

Pathetic. And, pathetic has seen it’s last day. I am riding again this evening. Mikelle said she is going to hound me until I feel like my old self. She is going to encourage and hound! It’s what I need. Someone to do something with instead of going home and vegetating on the couch until bedtime.

Oh, yah. I’m heading in the right direction.

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