I’m starting to think I have diabetes or something. I’ve actually thought that for at least a year now. Wouldn’t that be ironic since my favorite swear word is SUGAR DIABETES!

My legs are so full of water every night when I take off my socks. I have a huge ring around my ankles where the sock is too tight for my fat legs. I remember Mom’s legs and ankles and it scares me to death!

Friday I weighed [I’m so embarrassed to write this . . . 159!] I was miserable all day. We had gone to dinner the night before, for Mikelle’s 23rd. We went to Fiesta Guadalajara, a superb, authentic Mexican restaurant in town. The next morning I was wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyy up. Puffy, swollen, stodgy, miserable. Even my eyelids were full of water and hung down over my eyeball like a turtle’s slow-motion and drape-y lids.

So, for two days — Friday and Saturday — I drank water, took vitamins, didn’t eat sugar or refined foods, very little salt and only ate ‘one ingredient foods’ — fish, zuchini, oranges, eggs, and tons of water. And this morning I am 151.

Can I just say I know what waterboarding must feel like! Eight pounds of water!

I know water retention is one of the first signs of diabetes.

Yesterday morning I went to the blood draws for Wyoming Health Fair and am looking forward to getting results from that in a couple of weeks. For $100 I get the results of 17 blood tests and a bone density test, as well. I wish everyone could have that opportunity. Such a great service for those without health insurance.

Hoping this will be a wake up call and I can get my act together [once again!]

Sugar diabetic coma! [My other swear word . . .]