barrell of laughs

Oh, my gosh! I am having so much fun with these two. I just keep finding myself laughing out loud! I guess I forgot how adorable they are especially when the two of them are together. Actually, Annes and Fish are the best of buds and they spend almost every waking moment within arm’s reach of each other. And, they are totally and completely devoted to one another.

We have gone swimming every single evening and they are the hit of the entire aquatic complex. They have these irresistible personalities that seem to attract attention from all sides. Fisher’s hair invites almost everyone who passes by to comment on what a beautiful color it is. He usually clarifies that it isn’t red hair, it’s actually ‘orange-reddish’ hair. He got it from his Papa’s side of the family. Although there is a great, great grandma on the other side, too who had red locks. He is so helpful with Annesley. He buckles her up and he lifts her to the drinking fountain. He reminds her about cars and gets her breakfast ready. He pushes her on the front of the shopping cart. He lets her be the queen whenever they pretend. He doesn’t let anyone pick on her. He even tracked down the wise-guy who stole her swimming goggles so I could get them back for her.

They get to come to work with me and help with the commons area. They pick dead leaves out of the planters. They sweep and mop. They help with the garbage. Fisher put the trash can liners in all the receptacles. They both helped in the PAC. I found $12, which they split. Annes got the two ones and Fisher got the $10. They played kick ball in the gym for about an hour. They also get to eat school lunch with me. I mean, what could possibly be better than chicken tenders, french fries, Jello blox, strawberries and chocolate milk every day of the week? Later, when Annesly was thirsty she got a drink. Our principal came over to me and said, “Boy, she is resourceful. She was thirsty so she looked around and slid a chair over to the fountain and got a drink.” Annesly heard him say ‘resourceful’ and said, “That’s because we’re home-schooled!”

Annesly is so, so darling! We went to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon and I told them they could pick out one thing, each. Fisher got a new bug box and Annes got a butterfly net so that they could share their treasures. We saw a couple of friends and everyone we visited with made a huge fuss over the kids. Jan Barns — who is a favorite Mom of a favorite high school friend of Tracy’s — said, “Oh, my gosh, she looks exactly like Tracy.” Fisher said, [with eyes a-rolling and his head dramatically thrown back] “Everyone keeps saying that!” And Annesly, not skipping a beat and just as dramatic, says, “I’m extremely shy!” [very loudly and not shy at all. Oh, wait, she did throw her little arm over her eyes and acted shy for a second.]

We got rainbow sherbet and waffle cones for a treat. Grampa Leonard keeps giving them candy. We have gone to the park and the pool and shopping a couple of times. They have jumped on the tramp and swung and played with the dogs and cat. They have watched a gazillion movies. Last night Grampa gave them some money for swimming and Annes told me, “He told me that we are his very favorite grandchildren! That’s why he keeps doing things for us!”

Fisher: “I don’t doubt that!”

I laughed my head of again! I’m not sure where he got that phrase but it seems to keep coming in handy.

Thank you Tracy and Richard for letting me have this wonderful opportunity! I don’t see these kids near enough so anytime you want to go to a workshop and leave them for a week, please do!!!!!

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  1. tracy

    I don’t have a picture…well, I guess you can sign into Flickr and get some pics of them. This computer is sooooo slow, so you will have to do it.

    Thrilled to pieces you are having fun with them! You are such a wonderful grommer…thank you for loving them and loving me and being so delightful!

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