I’ve got the two grands. And, are we ever having fun! Tracy went to St. George with Richard, who is getting some new training to enhance his already amazing skills of dealing with drama, trauma, momma and Obama. [Wait — I’m not sure about the last one.]

Annesley and Fisher have entertained me and kept me laughing for hours. They are both so hillarious. And their little facial expressions add so much to the mischief and silliness.

For instance, they both came downstairs while I was checking email. Annesley said, “Oh, I like your basement!” I said, “Oh, my goodness. It is so messy. It’s worse than yours.” Fisher said, “Oh, I don’t doubt that! Ours is horrendible.” [with so much added emphasis on doubt and horrendible.]

They watched movies, jumped on the tramp, swung in the swings, petted the dogs and Jack. They hugged on Grampa and Uncle Stephen. They had cold cereal — the breakfast of champions — and fruit bars. They giggled at the Fox and the Hound until the bear fight and then were both huddled under the blanket. They’ve been watching that movie for years and it’s always the same.

I feel like I’m the luckiest Grommer in the world!

Today, they are going to eat lunch at the high school lunchroom, go on the bus route with me, and go swimming. I can’t offer them much today but they seem to like those three things. I hope they think it’s an adventure! Kids have a way of taking the ordinary and making it fun and full of memories. That’s all I’m asking — that they have fun memories of coming to visit me.

I’m hoping we can get the horses down here from winter range and that I can round up a couple of just-the-right-size-bikes for a long two miler.

Note to Tracy and Richard: Don’t you worry for even one little moment!