heaven sent

I am so totally filled with JOY!

I have seen a cluster of miracles happening all around. But, especially in Tracy’s life. She has been experiencing the Lord’s hand in her life Big Time. It is so obvious. It is so undeniable. It is so amazing.

A couple of weeks ago, on the 15th or 22nd — I’m not sure — Tracy decided to open a box of genealogy [her dad had sent] that had been sitting at her house for a couple of years. Then, it actually sat on her bed unopened for a couple of weeks. On that Sunday she said, “Oh, I guess I will take a look at it. I guess I will start on this humongous project while the rest of my family’s at church. I guess I’ll give it a try.”

She had a discouraging day. Satan made sure she was plenty discouraged. She called me, overwhelmed and frustrated. I called my sister, Louise, who called Tracy, and gave her some direction. I believe they spoke several times that day. Tracy was a little encouraged and was feeling her way around the www.newfamilyserch.org site [which, by the way, should never be confused with the old family search site] and by evening she had about 5 names.

Today, she has about 200! This whole family line is just ‘dropping in her lap.’ Apparently, that is a term people use when they have lots of success in Family Search. Every day she calls me with more exciting experiences that have netted wonderful and amazing results. She tells me about finding so-and-so and how she met someone online who is a fifth cousin who is looking at and entering corresponding records as they speak.

Nothing can explain the success Tracy is having in this endeavor. Nothing, that is, but the knowledge we have about those on the ‘other side’ taking a huge interest in their own work. Because things have been happening at such an accelerated pace that nothing else could possibly be going on here except with Heaven’s help. Yup!

Tracy’s own explanation goes something like this:

The Lord guided (compelled?) me to start doing family history work and now I have fallen in love with it and with them and have put tons of people in the system. He had been calling me to this work for a long time and because of the injury I finally listened.

That’s the amazing part! This work needed to be done and Tracy had to literally be compelled by the Lord to do it. She had to be basically bedridden! and incapacitated long enough to force her to slow down long enough to listen.

*Me looking up toward heaven with my hands on both hips* For Obvious!!!

[Because, everyone who knows Tracy knows as soon as she is able to get around well for an extended amount of time that she will be organizing swim camp, setting up iFamily, getting on with her coloquia, heading to Forum, going to St. George to support Richard’s new venture, going to Music camp, going to Green River Lakes, selling puppies, cleaning the basement, participating in the Freedom celebrations and starting ten new projects. And, then there will be no time for Family Search. Or, at least, not as much time.]

I can hardly wait to get ‘up there’ to hear the other half of the story from all their points of view! I’m almost certain my Mother has something to do with all of this . . .

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