hot hot water and a lot of crap

I hardly ever shower two days in a row. Unlike Mikelle, who showers every single day, and sometimes twice in one day. Unlike Tracy who can go a week with only one shower. But, today I need to shower. I’ve been sick. Sicker than a dog, although I don’t really know any sick dogs. I should say, sicker than Logan. I’m sicker than Logan was, last week, when I went to visit and he was coughing and blowing his nose.

Anyway, yesterday I tried to go to work and after three hours I gave up. I came home. I turned up the heat to 75 degrees. I heated two rice packs and snuggled up on the couch. I sweated [not a word] and slept for nearly seven hours. When I woke up my hair was sopping wet and my body was basically drenched. My face was bright red. But something had changed. My throat didn’t hurt anymore. I had moved on to the expelling stage of a bad cold. I was coughing up something that looked like [I’m sorry] curdled tapioca. I guess that’s progress.

Then, I watched TV for a couple hours and went to bed with the same two re-heated rice packs. This morning I wreak! I must have sweated [why isn’t that a word?] all night. I need to shower. I need to wash the bedding. I need to fumigate the bedroom.

I thought, surely, I’d lost a couple of pounds. I’ll just slip downstairs and check. Nope! All that sweat didn’t weight one ounce. Still 151! And, I don’t even care! For crying out loud! Who really gives a crap? I’ve been typing away about my weight struggles for three years and I’ve came to the conclusion that no one gives a crap! Even me! I actually thought of changing my blog to “WHO GIVES A CRAP?” but was afraid of going into the settings and messing things up. [Sorry about overusing the word crap!] I mean, seriously, why would I even think that if I had lost a pound of sweat that it counted the same as a pound of fat!!! NO! I need to get a life!


Heading to the shower. I’m going to enjoy my day and be thankful for all the good things in my life. I’m going to mow, do laundry, clean my bedroom, get some groceries. I’m going to start on my lesson for next week and go to the Saturday session of Stake Conference.