May 7th

It’s Tracy’s Birthday!

[Yes, this worked out amazingly well! It’s post number 777 for Tracy’s birthday on the 7th! No, I’m not into numerology and I’m not superstitious. I’m just very, very lucky! She was born on the 7th, at 7:00 and weight exactly 7 pounds. I was in labor for 7 hours and then in delivery for 7 minutes. NO, I didn’t push 7 times. I pushed three times, and that has nothing to do with anything.]

Hey, Trace! I hope you have a wonderful day. And, a great year! This year has been quite the overwhelming and emotional and traumatic and unexpectedly surprising year you’ve had for a while. And, I’m not sure how, other than by the Grace from above, we all actually survived it. Especially YOU! All I can tell you is that my faith has doubled and my admiration and adoration has tripled! You are such a wonderful blessing in my life, and in many, many other’s lives. I see it from afar, every single day. I see you guys laughing and crying together. I see you lean on each other for support and for comfort. I see you all celebrating and commiserating. I see your families blending and learning from one another.

I hope this coming year holds more surprises and more increased faith. But, perhaps, nothing more to do with health and bodies and bones and estrogen. Perhaps it can just be a wonderful genealogy and temple-work year.

Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!

I love and adore you so much!

Love, Mommer

One thought on “May 7th

  1. tracy

    Thanks mama! We just watched Courageous and had Barbara’s yummy tacos! I spent the rest of the day in bed recovering from the drive down.

    How are my two precious babes doing?

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