summer work

I cringe when Summer approaches. Not because it’s Summer. I love the weather, the sunshine, the no-school part of it. But, the Summer cleaning about does me in. Working all summer long in a hot building should never happen. But it’s happened exactly 23 times, for me. Then, of course, there’s the vacations, the scheduling, the traveling, the money, the cost of gas! It seems like I never quite get caught up. Even the yard work kills. And, the heat. All those things give me a headache.

Having said all that — I also love Summer. I love the extra hours of daylight. I love the smell of just-clipped grass. I love seeing children and grandchildren more often. I love visiting at reunions. I love going to the cemetery on Memorial Day and visiting with lots of people. I love the connections. I love the July 4th celebrations and Pioneer Days. I love Green River Lakes. I love the traditions my family is creating for all of us. I love the ‘feeling of’ laziness and easiness of Summer.

It’s my job I don’t look forward to each summer. Seriously, it’s dang hard work. I don’t like being in a room all day long with 6 other women. I don’t like being the one who has to goad them and keep them on task. I don’t like listening to all the chatter about EVERYTHING in the world. I don’t like the toxic fumes of all the chemicals we use to get things spic ‘n’ span for the next school year. I’ve actually given myself chemical pneumonia on occasion, and burned a gazillion brain cells using strippers and something-cides. One time I was putting some kind of just-terrible stuff [sorry, I couldn’t think of a better word] on the commons floor to seal it and I couldn’t see for two days. That was one time I was terrified of the outcome. I read the label a few days later and it said “can cause blindness, cancer and brain death.”

Oh, my good gosh!!!!

No wonder.

So, every time I forget something, every time I can’t remember the most obvious detail that happened only four minutes before, even when I can’t concentrate or retain anything or figure out Word’s With Friends, I think back to that label and the fact that I have only a few million brains cells left to last the rest of my life.

I can hardly wait for the day when I can wake up [without an alarm clock], slowly, every single Summer-day morning and enjoy the anticipation of fresh air and sunshine and afternoon thunderstorms and napping and watching the Today Show all the way through and reading, and taking a morning walk. I can’t wait to eat a sit-down breakfast instead of hauling around my yogurt and raspberries on the top of my custodial cart. I could make a few phone calls to check in with the children and grandies. I could take a long bath. I could read morning scriptures.

Awww. Retirement. Four more years to the golden years. I’m so looking forward to that. So looking forward to my Golden Passport so that I can camp for half the price. So looking forward to discounts and closer parking. So looking forward to no summer-cleaning. So looking forward to not being in the same room with six other women!