tongue gone limp

It’s Monday. I just got home from work and took my new ‘drops.’

Um. They are supposed to lessen cravings and also make me feel satisfied.

I’ll tell you what really happened.

I am supposed to dilute one drop of the Ocotea in 3-4 drops of olive oil and capsulate it. And, I’m supposed to dilute 2 drops of the grapefruit oil in 3-4 drops of olive oil. Do you have any idea how dang hard it is to put little drops into a gel capsule and get it put back together without spilling any? DO you have any idea how much one little ounce of it costs? Like $40!!!!! Do you think I could waste any of it??? NOOOOO. So, I licked my fingers and now my tongue and the side of my lips are still numb!


That’s how it works!!!! I can’t eat because my tongue is hanging down and flopping around. And, my tongue couldn’t possibly taste anything anyway even if I could get it to behave normally! So I’m pretty sure I’ll be down a half a pound in the morning.

I can only pray this is the answer for me!

[Of course you know this is all said in fun with tongue [actually] in cheek, Yes?]

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