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I have a maternity shirt on today. I really can’t post when I am wearing a maternity shirt. Don’t you think? I’m a mess. Yah, that’s the word. Oh, I can get through the day all right. I get up at 3:45, work for 10-11 hours, go home to laundry, yard, dishes. I talk to my kids several times a day. I got my visiting teaching done yesterday on the 5th of the month! I watched TV for a bit, ate, and went to bed. What a life! Wait! I’m giving blood today! That’s a decent thing.

I weigh 154.

I do not like me.

I have a maternity shirt on today.

I have taught the 5 other people I work with all the states and capitals, as well as the counties, county seats and numbers for Wyoming. They recite them to me everyday as we wash walls and scrub floors. Topeka Kansas! I bought a very nice quad for a newly baptized lady in our ward and wrapped it and took it to her with my testimony. I do accomplish good things throughout the week.

But, I weight 154 and I have a maternity shirt on today.

I don’t want to be 61 and be 15 pounds overweight and give up on me. Everyone keeps saying keep trying and it will get better, but it’s not. It’s not better.

Please don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me about this. Just wanted to post why I’m not posting. [I’m pretty sure you figured that out, already, since that’s my pattern.]

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