old dog new tricks

I bought a way-cute watermelon yesterday and hung it on my front porch this morning. Mikelle and I went shopping for a little wedding gift for Tim and Lisa and I saw this. Had to have it!!!! Only $18! Can you believe it!! It’s seriously, like, two feet long!

I actually considered giving it to them for exactly 10 seconds. Then, we bought a huge welcome sign instead that had the interchangeable seasonal things — flag, watermelon, flower, Santa, pumpkin, etc.

ANYway . . . what this post is about is this . . .  I finally figured out how to use my phone camera! I realized my own camera was still in Mikelle’s purse from yesterday. She carried it so I wouldn’t drop it on the cement or in the fountain at the Logan Temple. So, I looked around for hubby’s camera [the one he stole from me . . .] and it had dead batteries. I looked for the battery charger. Someone has taken out all the lithium batteries. I tried to take a picture with the iPAD. I seriously have NO clue how to do that, although I did manage to take about twelve pictures of myself with varying degrees of disgusted and confusion [in my nightgown and bed-head hair and old mascara under my eyes.] Then I saw the phone on the couch and although I haven’t had much luck figuring out how to make a basic phone call, I did find the camera button after searching through the menus for seven and a half minutes.

Oh, but that’s only the half of it. Then I had to find the camera box, the cord that somehow hooks from the phone to the computer, and then the little hole where you stick the cord in the phone. For this maneuver, I had to put on two pair of reading glasses and use the magnifying glass.

Finally, I have the end result, and I must say, it was worth the forty-seven minutes it took from start to finish!