tim and lisa

Yesterday was so much fun!!!

I decided sometime during the night — Wednesday — that I would go to the wedding. I really couldn’t see how that could happen since we are  working in the gym this week and everyone has to be there. Everyone has to sign in blood that they will not take a day off during gym week. And yet, Tim and Lisa were getting married during gym week. Anyway, I worked 4 hours in the morning [I’ll have to make up the rest of my time sometime today] and then flew to Logan.

I’m so glad I did!

There were tons of people there! Yes, I counted! 53 in the sealing room. [Also 53 steps! Now that couldn’t be just a coincidence, right?]

The luncheon was adorable. SO bright and cheery. Eileen’s family sang a darling song with all the girls — mom, daughters and granddaughters.

The part I loved most was when Tim and Lisa ‘said a [very] few words.’ Lisa: “Thanks for coming! WE’RE MARRIED!”

‘Nuf said!


I got to see four of my favorite sisters, Louise, Diane, Eileen, and Carol. I got to see Mikelle and Easton. If it weren’t so hard to put a photo on here I would. Oh, OK. I’ll go out to the car and get my camera and hook it up to the computer . . .

Um. Camera is in Logan in Mikelle’s purse. Drat!

What a wonderful union. Lisa’s family is huge and amazing and devout and honorable. Tim’s family is huge and amazing and devout and honorable.

How’s that for perfect!