Things are clicking. I’ve been off sugar for almost three weeks. There have been so many things right in front of my eyeballs temping me, but somehow [SOMEHOW!!!] I’ve been able to resist. I don’t get that part of it. Because I have, seriously, waited for six months for things to finally click!

I’ve been to three receptions, one reunion, at Mikell’s for most of a week, at Tracy’s twice for most of a week. I eat at the school with five other gals who eat ‘stuff’ I shouldn’t ever eat the rest of my life. I shouldn’t even look at it for the rest of my life. Things like homemade cookies, homemade meatloaf or ravioli. They bring trail mix, the kind with cashews in it. They bring tons of soda and lots of sugary items. And, they eat away right in front of me like there’s no tomorrow!

Anyway, I have eaten my yogurt, raspberries and granola sprinkles almost every single day this summer. And, the last three weeks I have been very careful once I got home [after my ten-hour shift] to try not eat all the junk around here. I’ve started having green smoothies a couple times a week. I’m watching protein and fiber.

Very hard, but finally getting it.

I’ve gone from 156 to 150 but it’s taken most of the summer to do that.

Scott has been using Micah’s Ladder and has gone from 206 to 188! Can you even believe it! He’s been totally dedicated to eating a small meal/snack every two hours. He’s inspired me!

So, click click!

But, seriously, it could all be water. We’re having the HDY right this very minute with temperatures at 100 today. I’m sweating like a roasted pig.

I don’t care. My belt notch moved so I’m counting it!