I know, RIGHT?!?

I am fantastic! Just thought I’d get that down in writing!

I know, RIGHT?!?

I have been eating healthy, I mean seriously healthy!!! for three weeks. The first week was so dang hard! Serious sugar and junk withdrawals! But, now I’m feeling on top of the world. I have been working my usual ten-hour days. Then yesterday I also went visiting teaching after work for two and a half hours, and had a meeting with the Bishop at 7. I still had energy to go at the end of the day!!! Today I worked my ten, then mowed the whole lawn, did dishes and two batches of laundry, went shopping, went back to the school to check on some things, and  after all that . . . Blythe and I went on a long bike ride this evening.

Can I just put in a good word for eating healthy!!!

What the heck took me so long!

I know, RIGHT?!?

[Yes I am working with two college students who say that phrase ten thousand times a day and it has sort of rubbed off . . .]

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