Pigs are flying. Right now. If you look out your window, you’ll see them fluttering across the sky. How do I know? Because hubby and I worked on a project Saturday. And, then he did a favor for me!

A couple of years ago hubz put in a new sliding window for me. It’s been wonderful to have a breeze through the north side of the house. It had been broken for five or six years and had been taped shut with duct tape, a most appropriate short-term solution. The year he put in my new window, I got new curtains, new bed coverings with shams, and a brand new outlook. Saturday he got the new outlook!

Do you hear what I’m saying? We worked on a project . . . together! Oink oink!

It took a couple of hours to pull out his old window, clean up the mess, and put in the new. It was h.e.a.v.y.  . . much more than the two of us old geezers could handle. But we did! With the help of a perfectly-perched ladder to rest the window on a few inches below the opening, we somehow managed it. [It’s a 4′ X 6″ window!]

Then miracle of miracles, I felt all warm and fuzzy and fixed breakfast for him on Sunday. And I asked him to change the front passenger tire for me so that Scott and Andie and I could drive to Tracy’s all nice and safe on Tuesday for the Fourth of July celebrations. [I like to trade favors.]

See what I’m talking about? If you wait long enough things get better! Things work out. These people who rush out and get all frustrated and do rash things . . . just relax a while [a few years] and things look up. Eventually. That’s all I’m sayin’!

And, now we’ve got a breeze rippling through the whole house. I swear, it was semi-delightful when I walked in after church yesterday afternoon. It was almost chilly! It’s as though the AC were purring.

Tom and Katey . . . [and basically ALL of Hollywood] you are all messed up! Just hang on a couple of years [or decades] and things work out!