I went to either Sams or Winco a couple of weeks ago and can I just say . .  .  Y.U.M.

I don’t know when I have ever loved anything so much!!!!

I bought it on a whim. [Hmmm. I like grapefruit. This is already peeled. Looks interesting. It’s huge! I’ll get it.] I put it in my fridge and promptly forgot about it until we were packing the ice chest last weekend. Tossed it in.

It is wonderful! I’ve had several bowls for breakfast. It’s light and fresh and tart and delightful and delish! Granted, it’s not chocolate covered and doesn’t use the sweet and salty combo . . . but I adore it and can hardly wait to get some more. This will get you through the worst cravings. I promise!

Hey! 148!!!! Things are [finally] working out for me.

I’ve already made three-bean salad this morning, and I’ve got a vita-mix full of a green smoothy. So, I’m set for the day. It’s scary to be home alone [I do so much better when I’m at work all day and don’t have to deal with food choices . . .] with all the food left over from camping and every time I open the fridge another package of cookies falls on my head. But I’m determined to get through the weekend with a loss.

Or, a win. However you want to think about it.