OK. This is gross. I’ll admit it right now. Right up front.

But, it really explains so [very] much! [About my slow weight loss this week . . .]

I have eaten healthy for four weeks now [except for downing an entire package of Pecan Sandies left over from camping. I hate dislike am mad at am frustrated with whoever bought them and didn’t eat them all and then left them on top of the fridge.]

So, OK. That was Sunday. I ate well on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I mean really healthy!!! But for some reason I wasn’t [you know] spending a lot of time in the powder room. How can I say that more delicately? I wasn’t digesting and expelling. You know . . . poo-ing.

Well, today all of that came to an end. [Pun not intended, believe me. It just came out. Oops. again, not intended!] [Dang I’m funny at the moment!] ANYway. You know how Dr. Oz always says that your poo should be S-shaped? I’m just saying . . . Hey, everybody poos! Don’t act all offended!

I could have spelled Mississippi. I mean MiSSiSSippi!

Surely, I will be down another pound by tomorrow morning!

See! Gross!

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