still fun

We went camping last weekend at Bridger Lake. It is south of Lyman about 30 miles, just past State Line Reservoir. Mikelle had planned this particular weekend with her dad and Stephen. Logan took Friday off and Hubby and I worked half a day. Steev came up Saturday morning with his cousin, Spencer. It rained and rained, but we still had fun. We took advantage of the times it cleared for a couple of hours and at other times we just sat and visited under the awning. Lots of hours were spent playing cards. We didn’t have a foursome so no Rook, but Mikelle and I played Canasta [Mom would be so proud!] and Logan played with us a couple of times.

The guys fished. They had two fishing boats up there and took them both out. The last day, even though it was pouring, they all went and caught fish.

It was still fun!

I remember we had a family reunion there the summer my Dad died. Mom was so sad because it was the first time in about 55 years that she had ever camped without him. Auntie Beth came up and told us that we were all being very insensitive because we were laughing and hollering and having a great time and Mother’s heart was breaking. We didn’t know. I looked at the place we camped that year from the spot we camped this year. I had a few tears and a few moments of sadness because the memory was so painful. If you’re listening, Mom, I’m sorry!

Easton kept us all entertained. He’s learning so many new words. Sorry. Side [outside]. Side [inside]. Hi! Baby. Spoon.

I loved every minute. It’s been so long since we went camping. Mikelle and Logan shopped. [$270 stinking bucks to camp for three days!!!] Hey, we have enough groceries left over for a couple more weeks! Hubby took his camper and Mikelle’s family slept in my Kelty. I’m pretty sure they were cold and the ground was too hard. Logan was sick for most of the weekend. :[  Stephen and Spencer slept in Steevo’s red truck. Hard! Right on the truck bed. This mama will never be doing that. [Unless it is the end of the world and I will do anything . . .] I curled up with the hubster [first time in about five years . . .] and slept like a baby. Meaning, or course, that I was awake all night and cried, too. He had a TV going with a movie, and he snores to beat the band. I counted! Four snores. Two snores. Three snores. Two snores. Four snores. Two snores. Three snores. Two snores. A definite pattern going there. Then he would wake himself up and start all over again. Grrr. See, that’s why I have my own bedroom.

It was still fun!

We ate so much food!

Not me. I took three bean salad, egg salad, grapes, cherries, Wasa bread. Even a frozen smoothie that lasted three days. They had steak, potatoes, bacon, pancakes, chips, candy, soda, cookies, hot chocolate, etc. etc., etc. I ate my stuff. They ate theirs!

It was still fun!

I took pictures, but wouldn’t you know it . . . I can’t find the cord to the computer. I seriously tried to jam every other cord that looked like it might fit, but no dice.

Yup, you got it . . . it was still so much fun!

[And yup. I’m finally 149 consistently. I’m not crazy about that number but it feels so much better than 156!]

OK. Wait. I found the cord after work today so I’m adding a few photos.


Mikelle and Logan cooked almost every single meal for us!


Even tho we forgot a table cloth. Mikelle gives it a thumbs up!
Notice my yogurt, frozen raspberries and granola.  :]


We did this on almost every single stump in the campground.


Snooze every chance ya get . . .


Much needed.


Man, I wish my knees worked like that.